Wpisy użytkownika Zielinka z dnia 17 sierpnia 2012

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There's something about you,
tears me inside out whenever you're around
There's something about you
Speeding through my veins until we hit the ground
And theres something about this rush
Take it away
It made me feel so good
I get a feeling, you get a feeling, we got a feeling
like we could die
And guess what mother
We just cant get enough
We just gotta get it up
There's something about you
That tears me inside out whenever you're around
And there's something about you
That makes me fly
You're a heart attack, just the kind I like
and theres something about your kiss
haunting and strange
That makes me feel so good
I get a feeling, you get a feeling we got a feeling
Like we're alive

This world may not have too much time
But baby I'm fine because maybe you're mine
We just can't get enough
You better give up, come on and give up
give up your life
it's you for me, and me for you
You make my dreams come true
Off the wall coming from me
But I wanna see this through, my baby
You're on my mind all the time
I found a million dimes
You rolled the dice, and lost them all
And baby I just don't mind
And incidentally mother

And I don't want no one if I cant have you
a world of illusion
But baby you're true
I know I deceived you I once told you lies
If you don't believe me
Just look in my eyes
Social Security Number please
Credit card number please
Money please